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Gilspin Plank.jpg

Gilpin’s Falls Bridge Plank

A  16" wide, weathered wood pattern

These are stock pictures, we have a patio scheduled, we will update with new pictures when available.

Old Granite Cleft Stone

Seamless Textures & Design


Grand Sandstone Rocks

This large natural stone pattern will give a life-like rock with the average size stone of 24"

Grand Sandstone Texture

This large natural sandstone texture will give a life-like rock with custom rock, depends on tooling and sawcut placement

Ashlar Slate Natural Grey w Charcoal Rel

Ashlar Slate

Achieve the appearance of slate pavers without the limitations of high labor costs or fragile building materials


Random Stone

Stone is a natural material with inherent beauty.  For millennia, it has been the standard paving and building material. While its rustic appeal still holds in modern times.


Exposed Aggregate

Pea stone exposed to show the natural color of stone, looks for years to come!

Concrete can be colored for different hue in the background.  Glow in the dark rocks can be scattered throughout and or stencils can add dimension.

Compass Rose and Border Staining
swirl finish.jpg

Swirl Finish

Plain Concrete with a little pizzazz

June 2010 048.JPG

Spray on Knock Down

A Sprayed on Overlay to add texture to plain concrete without a lot of destruction. 

Canvas Nutmeg Slate Roller 2.jpg

Slate Texture

Thin, hand-hewn slate with natural texture is an attractive flooring option for indoors and out.

Color Chart.JPG

Integral Color Chart

Use this chart as a guideline only. The colors may not exactly represent the final color. Shade variations of cement and aggregate, plus variations in the mix design, volume of water, addition of admixtures and other additives, etc., may have an effect on the final color.

color chart 2.JPG

Brickform Color Chart

Color Hardener


Release Agent Colors

color chart pic brickform 2.png

All Concrete needs to be sealed properly for optimal longevity


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